Meet a new kind of creators

We are makers of all things superior & thinkers of all ideas novel in the design space & beyond.

Alien is an independent full service creative agency working with a lethal blend of Business Strategy, Creative Design & Innovative Technology to fashion extraordinary things for extraordinary brands & businesses.

One eve, when we three friends were discussing about happenings across design, technology and products and there were was a question “Why is the process same when the business goals are different?” So, we came up with an idea to create tailored frameworks to match the scale of business.

Sourcing power from far & wide.
We harness the potential of resources across the globe for diversified expertise through remote work collaborating with our passionate in-house team. The organization structure help us to give you delightful experiences and frictionless services.

We’re all about the ideas.

Half-part work, Half-part play.

Craving that balance across work, life & beyond, we make things that are not only serious but fun too.

Learning through change.

We live to be challenged by the new, proven wrong by the unknown and ultimately evolve. Be it with people or technology.

Creating for growth.

We are strong growth activists who use Design to make things that push purpose and value for your business.

Powered by relationships.

We choose to build relationships rather than an empty clientele; Shared knowledge than individual expertise.

Doing away with rigidity.

Our process is not set in stone. Every project deserves its own course of action, ideated on by all teams, that helps the teamwork towards a common goal.

Eye on the vision, Mind on the process.

A good start is one where all players are of one mind. We collaborate with your entire team to uncover your ideas & goals for your brand/product.


It's all about planning. We combine your expertise with that of our strategists to frame a plan of action that will define and guide your brand/product’s path for now and for later.


At this stage of creation, we dive deep into understanding user behavior, goals, and journeys to come up with designs that positively impact not only people’s lives but your business’ too.


Our developers are all about agile. They get down to work to move our ideas and designs into the real world while aiming for perfection and reliability.

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