Aqsit approached us with an idea to design a full loaded and effecient project management system for architects and interior designers. This has to be mobile app as the designers are always on the move to meet various prospects and clients.


Aqsit know their users very well and the had a list of pain points they wanted to solve for the designers when they approached us. We were bought in turning this idea to fully featured app.

Making the complex intuitive

Interior Designers have complex workflows that intertwine across large number of modules. It is necessary to make app intuitive. So, we clubbed all activities under one single option of projects.

Keep track of money in and out

We have built in features to see the income and expenses, respective to individual project for clear picture on cash flow across the project.

Proposals, Estimates and other boring work

As we are making a product for creative professionals, they are less likely to be interested in doing paper work. We all understand the importance of it and how huge time sucker it can be. So we tried to keep it simple with templates and minimal options.

Design inspiration to product curation

Product catalogue is an important aspect for designers to showcase to clients and creation of estimates. Aqsit is know among community for moodboards and we bought that in to be a integral part of the app.

Extensive contact management

A project needs alot people and it is a huge hassle to manage all of them in any phonebook. Within the app, users can tag the contacts, categorize them and even have a wage for the skilled workers.

The Result

Designs were showcased to a focus group consisting of 5 designers and the response were extremely positive. They are all excited to see the designs and features that would save alot of time, some they have never even thought as a problem.

5 Users is a good sample set to validate and find most of the problems (Source: nngroup).

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