Arise academy is re-inventing the traditional classroom education. They specialize in teaching industry prepared courses of strategic marketing, evolving technologies, and creative thinking helping students land their dream jobs.

We were challenged to create an extraordinary brand where everyone feels familiar. At the same time, they want to distinguish themselves from saturated educational institutes and growing educational startups.


We have taken immense care to craft out the brand identity that looks modern but also at the same time carries the modesty of traditional education. The new visual identity is friendly, evocative, and made to resonate with brand voice.

The overall website was designed to communicate clearly about the launch course and design elements are made to match the culture and caliber of courses offered.


We created a comprehensive brand experience that is clean, simple, and transparent. The logo was made to act a monogram and also depict the everlasting community support we provide to students on their successful journey.

Brand Colors
Inter font family
  • Aa
  • Bb
  • Cc
  • Dd
  • Ee
  • 1234567890
  • :)(:


We built the website with clear & concise information for the visitors. All the web pages of the site were designed in a visually alluring manner so that the users can understand the structure easily and show their enthusiasm in learning from the academy.

We made custom icons to match the course modules offered by the academy

Design of other pages and structure

The Result

During a short span, we have designed brand identity, brand assets and a remarkable website that users can easily use and consume information. During the whole engagement, we were able to understand so much about the fierce education industry and the way it is evolving.

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