Why Psychology is Important in UX Design? Psychology of UX design

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  • Design is not an art, design is solving problems with simple solutions. In Order to do so, you need to be aware of human psychology to design a better user experience for your product. Let’s take a look at some physiological principles to apply your design

    Hick’s Law

    The time it takes to make decision increase with the numbers and complexity of choices

    Hick’s law states that with more choices, users take more time to make decisions, so minimizing the choices and providing only the necessary will help the users make quicker and easier decisions

    hicks law in ux designAlso, keep in mind that breaking complex tasks into simple steps will reduce the cognitive load and help users complete the task easily.

    checkout design

    Fitts’s Law

    The time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to and the size of the target

    Which states that the time taken for the user to reach the target area is a function of the distance divided by the size of the target. Hence the important action the user takes on the page such as the CTA button should be on the easily accessible area on the screen, also the target area should be large enough and with ample spacing between for the user to accurately click

    fitts law sample

    On their recent IOS update, apple has moved the search tab to the bottom closer to the thumb for the user to easily reach is an example where Fitt’s law has been implemented wisely. Likewise, any important action on the screen should be placed in areas where the user can easily reach with sufficient tap area.


    Jacob’s Law

    Users spend most of their time on other sites, this means that they prefer your site to work the same way as all other sites they already know

    Or you can simply say don’t reinvent the wheel, which means that the design should match the user’s mental model. By using an existing mental model we can make a smoother user experience where the users can focus on the task rather than learning a new model

    Using existing models or patterns will help you design a better user experience, like double-tap to like which is a common user interface that the users are familiar with

    Jacobs law in ux design

    It doesn’t mean that you should not design anything new, it’s okay to change the pattern if it helps the user because there is always room for improvement. 

    Serial position effect

      Users have the propensity to remember the first and last item on the series

    This psychological principle states that the human brain remembers the first and last elements on the list more easily than the middle elements. Keeping the most important elements in first and last, the least important in the middle will help the users easily remember important information easily. For example, you could notice on the bottom tab navigation on apps the important tabs are kept in the first and last place and the least important tabs are kept in the middle. 

    serial position effect

    Von Restorff effect

    The Von Restorff effect also known as the Isolation Effect, predicts that when multiple similar objects are present, the one that differs from the rest is most likely to be remembered

    Let’s say that the odd one stands out. As designers, we use this principle to draw user attention to important elements on the screen such as CTA, by differentiating the important elements from the rest we can help users easily locate and remember the action.

    Von Restorff effect in designing

    Aesthetics Usability

    Users often perceive aesthetically pleasing design as design that’s more usable

    Aesthetics usability principle proves that users are influenced by the aesthetics of the design, it even says that the users tolerate some minor usability issues if they find the visual appealing. Hence it is equally important to make the UI visually appealing as making the UX smoother.

    Persuasive design principles

    We need to understand human behavioral psychology in order to influence the users in taking an action on a website or a product. Persuasive design principles will help you convert your site visitors into customers. 

    Social proof

    Social proofing is a phenomenon in which people copy the actions of others. Users verify their actions with experts or other people’s decisions. We use this phenomenon to influence users to make decisions on e-commerce websites rating and reviews are shown to influence users to complete their actions.

    importance of social proof in ux psychology


    States that people look up to experts in order to validate their decision. Businesses showcase their previous and current clients to build credibility to their business or service. 

    logos in homepage ux design



    Lesser the time and number of availability higher the value. Also known as the “Fear of missing out” phenomenon which urges the users to take the action. E-commerce websites show product availability and limited time offers to influence users to purchase. 

    include scarcity for ux psychology


    Give back something in return to the user like rewards to make the users feel better which also insists the users repeat the action. Google Pay’s scratch card is a good example where the user is encouraged to transfer money through their application by rewarding them with coupons, cashback, and other rewards. 

    Gpay scratch card in ux psychology

    Final thoughts

    Understanding the psychology behind UX design will help you build a better product for the users which helps to satisfy your business goals too. Also keep in mind to follow the latest trends in your design to keep your product updated among the competitors. Or leave it to experts to help you improve your products and websites, drop a mail at business@thealien.design. 


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