Brego is the most powerful and simple accounting tool which helps business stay on top of their finances & collect money faster from their customers by monitoring all the ledgers, in-flow, out-flow, payables and recievables of their businesses.


When brego approached us, the product was already half way through it’s design. Our work was to make the usability better, enhance the flow and make it visually consistent throughout the product. Our first work was to go through the existing product and identify problems that has a direct impact on the user group. We managed to interact with a client on a day to day to schedule to understand the logic behind each screen and each functionalities.


When Brego approached us they already had a bunch of user problems that needs to be addressed in the exisiting design within a short span of time was a major challenge to us which really excited us. Also understanding the product flow in a limited period of time was difficult since the domain is new to us and provide hot fixes that will enhance the experience for the product which was essential.

Manage sales

We interacted with the client to understand the user needs of the sales module. The sales module has multi-dimensional view data. The data has more complex links to it. We simplified the view and organized the functionalities to give more clarity for the user and make the whole flow seamless.

Organizing the data

The application had volumeness data that needs to be shown. We went through screen by screen, feedback by feedback to understand the logic behind each data and it’s link. We cracked how users will percieve the data and presented it intuitively to avoid cognitive load when they go through each data.

Effortless Onboarding flow

One of the key problem is how do we simplify such a complex onboarding flow where it involves multiple steps such as sign up, integrating with tally and inviting a team member. It was possible in web but we need to make sure that it’s adaptable for the mobile app efficiently and make it more intuitive.

Managing team members made easier

Managing team members involved Adding, Removing and Modifying the privileges for each users. It was quite difficult since each users will be given access to multiple companies, we came up with a universal approach that could easily solve all these complexities and gel well with the overall flow

  • The Result

    We had entirely new experience since we started working on a half baked product and completed the whole experience of the product for both web and mobile. We were able to gather multi-dimensional insights and addressed the problems of mid to old aged group audience.

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