Pathway Phonics is a most comprehensive phonics programme for children. Phonics methodology makes learning easy and simple, and enables children to read with confidence. Systematic, easy –to – use curriculum, lays the foundation for a sound knowledge in English language. Phonics helps to increase child’s confidence and instil a love for reading from an early age.


We were super excited that we are making an interface for kids to make learning fun and teachers use it for various activities to keep kids engaged. This specially designed Interactive phonics programme is a child centred approach to teach English language during the formative years. It is filled with multiple set of activities involved for each alphabet, so we made the interface easy to use with simple contextual actions.


Designing for kids is more than just dumbing down the adult mental models. We don’t know what kids want, expect or think to anticipate their needs and design accordingly. Children’s mind work differently and they have a different cognitive skills, memory, reasoning and emotional control.

Building for kids

We spoke to industry professionals, special trainers to understand more on how kids perceive, interact with physical and digital products.

Designing for Smartboards

The next biggest challenge was to work Smartboards with very low contrast ratio, lower color reproduction, lower color gamut and very low resolution relative digital displays.

Initially, We made a lot of iteration with color palettes to find out the optimal colours that work for all kinds of displays without loosing on contrast.


We developed the designs with a pixel-perfect conversion with the help of Angular and groovy on rails technology.

Storytelling requires cross fucntional creative teams

As per project demands, we worked with multiple departments as in concept ideation, Illustrators, Animators, UX/UI designers, Development and sound departments. We required different contents from the different team on time to move the project flawlessly.

To solve it, we came up with a solution of creating a Content Map. Content mapping is the project management framework that we created to collaboratively manage all teams at a single place to gather and monitor the required things without any friction.

The Result

Our entire team was happy to see all the hard work paid off with kids having fun while learning and during this journey we were able to understand many insights about the evolution of schools teaching methods and changes in kids mental models with various activities.

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