Rindz Pharma is one of the leading pharma company of Tamilnadu. We were approached to redesign their brand to align with the new company direction and at the same time distinguish from competitors


We tailored a custom branding framework to align with business goals and set a direction for the project. The activities were created to understand business, users, problems and expectations. With all the researched we revamped the brand being extremely conscious about the core values of Rindz Pharma - Inspire, Integrate and Innovate

Elevating the brand

Everything starts with an idea. The creative juices are spilled over with mind map to get the thoughts out and we quickly sketched out several ideas until we are happy with the direction.

Mind Map
Color Scheme
Final Compositions


The client wanted unique recognition for each of the products. So, we gave each type of product a special color scheme.

The Result

The refreshed brand and a new design language equipped the brand to tackle and stand out among the competitors. With several products and sensitive audience, the new design language is being adapted slowly to avoid brand fatigue

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