7 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for SaaS Businesses

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  • 21 Dec 2020
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  • There was a time when digital marketing for SaaS businesses didn’t use to be essential at all, and selling software products was quite easy.

    In the early days, all that the tech-experts had to do was create something that solves customers’ problems, demonstrate its benefits, and done! SaaS product sold without having to develop a complete digital marketing strategy!

    However, things have changed a lot in the past years. The tech market has grown significantly and quite rapidly, leading to increased competition and a dire need for a proper marketing plan.

    In other words, if you happen to own a SaaS company and want to stay in the game, we’d recommend you to invest in effective digital marketing before it’s too late!

    Or, you can develop your own SaaS marketing plan, but not without a little help from us.

    Because if you’re thinking that digital marketing for SaaS would be similar to every other type of marketing, sorry to burst your bubble, but that isn’t the case.


    Let’s get you acquainted with the key marketing strategies for SaaS products!

    Digital marketing plan on paper

    How to Do Digital Marketing for SaaS the Right Way?

    When it comes to digital marketing, most people think of it just as B2C marketing, and consider it to be nothing more than Search Engine Optimization and a bit of social media marketing.

    Which is why, B2B businesses, such as SaaS B2B companies often make the mistake of ignoring the term ‘go digital’, hence continuing to suffer at the hands of dry, business-like, old-school marketing.

    But if you want to stay one step ahead of the curve, know that stiff suits, boring websites, trade shows, and horrendous industry magazines won’t cut through the noise.

    You need something more creative, modern, engaging, and effective so that your business stays in the lead and keeps growing at a fast pace.

    What would that something be?

    Yes, you guessed it right! Digital marketing for SaaS is your best bid.

    But the question is, how to do it?

    To make things easier for you, we’ve made a list of 7 top digital marketing strategies that can help you promote your SaaS product.

    So, let’s dive right in!

    1. Content Marketing Goes a Long Way
    2. Product Trials can Help Lure in Customers
    3. SEO is Still the Key
    4. Try Referral Marketing to Gain New Customers
    5. Stay on the Top with Google AdWords
    6. Consider Running a Co-Marketing Campaign
    7. Retarget, Retarget, Retarget

    1. Content Marketing Goes a Long Way

    All kinds of businesses, everywhere, and anywhere, are using content marketing to build their brand image, attract more potential customers to their website, build customer trust, and generate more leads.


    Because content lets you tell your customers who you are. It helps in developing a strong relationship with your clients and is a great way of boosting audience engagement.

    Most importantly, content continues to drives leads for as long as it’s out there! Which makes it an amazing investment too, because you don’t need to keep spending money, such as in the case of PPC or pay-per-click advertising.

    Need some inspiration on how to use content while digital marketing for SaaS?

    Here are three SaaS companies that use the content for the purpose of generating leads:


    The popular file storage and sharing service have lots of customers and prospects whom it targets through targeted content in the form of blog articles on Dropbox, Dropbox Tech, Dropbox Business, and Dropbox Developer.

    Also, the company hosts numerous webinars to communicate its brand message and credentials to potential clients.


    We all know about the reputation of Moz for its well-researched, informative, and high-quality content.

    The company publishes a new blog post every day and creates authoritative content that generates leads.


    The content marketing strategy of Intercom revolves around product management, startups, design, and marketing.

    Their customer communication is known for the quality of their blog, books, and podcasts that help them in driving qualified leads.

    However, while you’re on it, remember that content marketing isn’t just about creating and uploading content, you’d also need to overlook content distribution.

    In case you’re still ignoring content while doing digital marketing for SaaS, here’s another reason why content marketing is crucial for lead generation:

    Graph of the effectiveness of content marketing for B2B companies

    2. Product Trials can Help Lure in Customers

    For most SaaS companies, product trial isn’t just a great, but rather an important source of quality lead generation.

    Because, as we all know, nothing beats a little ‘test drive’!

    The reason why product trials can work well with your marketing strategy is that a tech-savvy audience is often inclined towards wanting to experience the product, rather than learning about it from your sales rep.

    In a sense, a bit of ongoing marketing investment can help in continuous lead generation, but you’d also have to offer some onboarding support to the new users depending on the complexity of your product.

    You can make it easier for your clients to understand how it all works through one-to-one phone calls, automated emails, group webinars, etc.

    One of the best things about product trials is that they indicate the buyer’s intent. Only a person who’s interested in buying the product would invest his/her time and energy in getting to know how it works.

    In other words, anyone who’s willing to test the SaaS product would be more likely to buy it, so make sure you track these leads very carefully.

    If you want your digital marketing for SaaS to be really effective and successful, serve your customers with free trials, and make the offer visible on your website.

    Bonus tip: Avoid using the term ‘Free’ and watch the CTAs increase, just like Wedbuddy did:

    tips for effective CTA button

    3. SEO is Still the Key

    You must’ve heard about the importance of SEO numerous times already, but if your site still isn’t optimized for higher rankings on search engines, know that you’re killing your own sales!

    Moreover, SEO is the oxygen to your content marketing strategy, and without it, your content can be in the online world and still go unnoticed, since there’s already so much out there.

    Plus, did you know that Google accounts for 75% of all search traffic?

    So, when you’re digital marketing for SaaS, don’t forget to focus on Google’s more than 200 ranking factors. And if the task seems too much for you to handle it alone, and you don’t have the budget for an in-house SEO team, simply partner up with a leading marketing agency for effective SEO and get your site pushed up to the top of Google’s SERPs.

    However, whether you choose a marketing agency or decide to optimize your site yourself, make sure you focus both on on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

    Also, here are some tested and proven tips for improving your site’s ranking while digital marketing for SaaS:

    • Get your site optimized for mobile devices.
    • Optimize for voice search.
    • Protect your website with an SSL certificate.
    • Keep uploading new and high-quality content that gets backlinks.
    • Provide a good user experience on your site.
    • Create content that ranks for featured snippets.

    These were just a few tips, there’s much more to SEO for SaaS companies, and if you really want to be on the first page of Google’s SERPS, make sure you don’t ignore even a single ranking factor.

    4. Try Referral Marketing to Gain New Customers

    There’s a lot of research that backs up the fact that referral programs lead to increased sales. And when it comes to developing a marketing strategy for software products, 56% of sales reps think referrals are crucially important. However, a huge number of businesses still ignore this and don’t have a referral program in place.

    Want to increase your sales through digital marketing for SaaS? Don’t make the same mistake as others and build an effective referral program!

    If you’re not up for using software to power your referral program, we’d recommend you simply create a landing page on your website that can be used by your customers to make referrals.

    You can get your marketing team to draft templates for referrals in order to make the task easier for your sales reps.

    If you’re still not up for creating your own referral program, here are some statics that you might want to look at:

    Statistics on the effectiveness of referral programs

    5. Stay on the Top with Google AdWords

    After you’re done with a referral program, the next step in digital marketing for SaaS should involve the mighty Google Ad Words.

    You may think that inbound marketing can significantly reduce your AdWords spend, but know that it has lots of benefits since millions of online searchers click on search engine ads every single day!

    So, if you don’t want to lose a huge number of potential leads to competition, it’s time to invest in PPC advertising.

    Why is PPC so popular and often crucial when it comes to digital marketing for SaaS?

    Here’s why:

    • Pay-per-click marketing is effective in driving targeted web traffic to your site.
    • It’s highly scalable, which means you can increase or decrease the amount you spend on PPC any time based on your business needs.
    • PPC is quite predictable, both in terms of price and results, and so it allows you to keep your marketing budget under control with ease.

    Need some advice on PPC?

    We’d say testing is the key!

    In other words, to create a successful Google Ads strategy, run a series of tests, and find out what works best for your businesses.

    6. Consider Running a Co-Marketing Campaign

    Want to vamp up your digital marketing for SaaS?

    Here’s a trick:

    Approach companies that have a similar point of you like yours, collaborate, and run a co-marketing campaign!

    When it comes to co-marketing, there are no hard and fast rules that you’d need to follow.

    However, what most companies do is publish some research, conduct a webinar, or create an e-book or any other piece of content. While doing so, all the leads generated, as well as the amount of money spent is shared by the two companies involved.

    Moreover, another great thing about co-marketing is that both the participants can leverage each other’s following and hence be able to reach a wider group of different audiences and potential leads.

    To put it precisely, when digital marketing for SaaS, co-marketing can turn out to be quite effective, given the fact that both the teams are properly aligned, and both have a clear understanding of what to expect from the very beginning.

    So, if you want your digital marketing for SaaS to actually work, don’t forget to join forces with another prominent company and generate leads in a cost-effective manner.

    7. Retarget, Retarget, Retarget

    Regardless of what your key conversion metric is, if you want your digital marketing for SaaS to be successful despite all odds, retargeting is the key.

    To put it in other words, whether you’re using a free trial to lure in more customers, have had an e-book created, or are investing in PPC, retargeting can help increase your rate of conversions.

    That’s because, a huge number of web visitors never take the desired action, and re-marketing is the best way of getting them back and persuading them to purchase from you.

    What retargeting actually does is that it tracks those who’ve visited your site in the past and are visiting similar sites, and follows to capture their attention through online advertising.

    In this way, there are huge chances of the prospect returning back to your site and actually making a purchase this time.

    Apart from selling to those who’ve already viewed your product but didn’t buy in the first place, here are other reasons why you should consider remarketing while digital marketing for SaaS:

    Statistics on the effectiveness of remarketing

    Statistics on the effectiveness of remarketing

    All in all, SaaS advertising can sure be tricky, but isn’t too hard if you know the right way to do it!

    However, in case you don’t have enough time to carry out digital marketing for SaaS and develop effective strategies yourself, it’s best to hire a leading marketing agency that can look out for you.


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