Out-Of-home industry (OOH) is going digital and developing at speed. Yet, like every advertising channel it is undergoing disruption. Out-of-home advertising offers a brand safe environment, with unparalleled viewability. Unless something is physically blocking the screen, all ads are 100 percent viewable. What percentage of digital display ad inventory can honestly make such a bold promise?

A Nielsen study showed that OOH provides the highest rate of online activation per dollar of any offline media. Add data feeds, video, and programmatic capabilities and digital out-of-home is an unbeatable offering.


We spoke to some of the digital marketing professionals in the industry and we did secondary research which involved reading articles, Whitepapers on how the advertising industry works, what are the pain points of the advertiser and how is the future of outdoor advertising. Following are some of the problems we have identified.

Problems of Advetisers

  1. Not enough information on available billboards and regions to advertise.
  2. There is are no proper demographic data for the billboards
  3. We don’t know Approx. impressions or results i would get for advertising
  4. We want to advertise only during peak hours and don’t want to pay full price.
  5. We need option to use real-time marketing based on various contexts.
  6. It is not easier to buy Billboard as it comes with hefty price tag and contracts.
  7. We want to show multiple Ad creative to see which is performing better
  8. We want to retarget users


WWe have come up with an overflow to append the new digital billboard advertising into the existing Adwords. I made the user flow and wireframes together, during which I identified multiple complexities and features for the product. There were technical challenges, design complexities, and business problems as there are multiple possibilities that we can take this

Exploration & few Wireframes

We have explored various solutions to make the campaign creation process easier. We always keep solutions simple and use the progressive disclosure technique so that the user is not bombarded with information. For visual design we aligned with existing with Adwords design following material guidelines.

Designs tailored to target precisely and increase brand visibility

Showing billboard availability and detailed information about the billboards across region.

Categorized billboards based on common localities to easily identify demographics.

Showing impressions, traffic count and GRP rating help advertisers to make a quick decision.

Introducing dynamic ads which can be countdown timers, integration of social media, weather change events etc.. which changes real time.

The Result

This was a fun project we did during a week imagining a feasible solution to a huge potential market. There went a lot of research into design which we couldn’t show entirely TLDR; we didn’t want to bore you. We have identified huge potential for this product with many more solutions that can be solved.

Scope of Work

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